The Great Wall Of Mexico

The Great Wall Of Mexico

America is for Americans, is the motto with which Trump went on to win the presidential elections. One among the things in his election manifesto is that a great, beautiful and impenetrable wall will be built and Mexico will pay for it. Before we could talk about the Mexican wall, we will have to talk a little about what’s happening between these nations.

The Great Wall Of Mexico

Rubbing cold shoulders with Mexico:

Since the days of the former American President Ronald Regan, there has been a very cordial relationship between The United States and Mexico. The Presidents, H.W.Bush, Bill Clinton, George.W.Bush and Obama all made it a custom to meet their respective Mexican counterparts before swearing-in and made it a place of their first presidential visit. But Trump seems to have broken this.

Right from the day he was finalized as one among the presidential candidate he has been rubbing a cold shoulder with the Mexican government. Though across the face the captains of the respective nations seem cool and friendly there definitely is something that’s brewing between the two nations. Trump wasn’t too much impressed with the NAFTA too and called it the worst trade deal in history. NAFTA paved way for a trade deal between Canada, United States, and Mexico. Though breaking this deal would cost the jobs of the US citizens, Trump doesn’t seem shaken a bit.

So that’s why the Mexican Wall:

President Trump wanted to severe connections with specific nations and Mexico being his prime target. He decided to build the great wall of Mexico. One of the greatest Mexican minds, once said “Mexicans and Americans had a hard time understanding each other because Americans didn’t know how to listen and Mexicans didn’t know how to speak up” However down the line they mended their ways, but now we see the history repeating.This fall, Trump’s government will ask the Congress to give their consensus on the federal budget which will be inclusive of the Mexican Wall plans. The estimated budget for the wall is $21.6 billion approximately. But which country will bear it? Is still a million dollar question.

Interesting Proposals:

Since the day, the talk of the Mexican wall started creative proposals are pouring in from various construction companies, here are few interesting ones:

  • The Mexican wall can trap nuclear waste.
  • There will be a total of 3 million hammocks
  • The wall is believed to generate solar power.
  • A one-way Plexiglas wall
  • A monorail wall with shopping complex

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